Brazil and PSG star Naymar Jr surfer another injury blow as he run in the middle of the field as Brazil sharpened up against fellow Copa challengers Qatar. But he was not alone. Assim Madibo was in close pursuit, and when the two players tangled Neymar landed heavily on his left ankle and was forced to seek medical attention.

2019 has been woeful  for Neymar who is  currently being investigated following the publication of rape allegations against him. The player has categorically denied the accusation, which are currently being investigated in Sao Paulo after an official complaint was filed with police concerning an alleged incident in Paris.

Brazil have stood by their former captain from the moment the allegations first broke, never placing in doubt his presence at this Copa America. That decision has ultimately been taken out of their hands by Neymar’s hurt ankle.

And while there are clearly more important things in Neymar’s life right now, from a footballing point of view it has been a nightmare past 18 months for the Brazil star.

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