Guedes  was the king at the Estadio do Dragao stadium as he broke the Dutch to put Portugal up front as a champion.

Portugal was crowned champions at the Ntion League cup with a 1-0 victory against Netherland in Portugal.

Netherland defeated England in the semi -final in 3-1 victory to book a final against Portugal.

Netherland Vigil van Dijk was exceptional last night as he was able to stop the unstoppable Cristiano Ronaldo who book Portugal final with an hat- trick against Switzerland.

There’s a lot of quality from both sides but Netherland wasn’t good enough they were able to recorded just one short on target.

Portugal Fenanades and Bernardo Silver where at their best last night but Ronaldo couldn’t put a goal in but Guedes claim to be in charge and Portugal were the Champions.

2 thoughts on “Portugal Silence Netherland to win the European League cup”

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