Rafael Nadal defeated Nick Kyrgios in a tight second round smash in Wimbledon court match. Nadal came back with a stronger hand to end the decisive moment with 6-3 3-6 7-6(5) 7-6(3) victory.

Kyrgios was termined to beat the Spaniard star with an 143mph second serve ace.He threw everything into concentration but undoubtely he had him raflled before the spaniard triumph.

Nadal started strongly but Kyrgios seems stronger along the game which cost Nadal though task to defeat his opponent in a tie game.

Nadal was in complete control in the early stages and Kyrgios seemingly needed an injection of emotion – or anger – to fire him up. The Spaniard duly provided it with his slow-motion movement between points and a surprise toilet break after the first set.

Kyrgios (Australian) made his mark and blasted a 143mph(230) second serve ace.his severe seems to be the fastest serve of any sort during the tournament so far.
The Australian was more impressive in the second, he broke an early serve with a fierce forehand down which saw the crowd erupt as they realized they were in a real match. Nadal pass him through with a dramatic win.

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