Spain and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique saide he want Neynar back at barcelona and he would be delighted if he speak out and force his transfer move back to Spain.

Barcelona sold Neymar to PSG two years ago on a record breaking £200 million.After his transfer move to PSG most of Barcelona fans are not happy how he was sold.

After two years Neymar successful season with the French club but he seems not having a good relationship right now and he’s willing to find his way out of the club.

Pique has spoken about Neymar return “There are people that weren’t happy with how he left, but there are a lot of people who were very happy with his performances. It’s a complicated operation. He’s a PSG player, and the squad that we have is good enough to win every trophy.

“If the opportunity comes up, you know the relationship I have with him. I would be delighted if he came back, but he’s a PSG player. A personal opinion doesn’t change anything.

“It has to be Neymar who speaks out. Of course we speak with him, but it’s not right to reveal private conversations. If he wants to speak out or give his opinion, he has to come out and say it. He’s a crack on and off the pitch, and we’re waiting to see what happens. I can’t say anything else.”

There is 80% assurance that Barcelona can have the 27 year old back to the club if he accept a loan offer from the Spanish side.Neymar wanted to leave PSG at the bignning of the summer he just wanna find his way back to Spain

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