Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris said it is time for his club to stop talking about trophies but to show actions and warned his team to have a perfect start in the new season campaign and beware of defending champions Manchester city as they face the C1itizens on saturday.

Tottenham will face the defending champion at Etihad statium on saturday and they will try to avoid conceding early goal as they did against Aston Villa in the opening day.

‘I think we have been talking about trophies now for at least two seasons,’ Lloris said. ‘It is one thing to talk about it – it is another thing to show what we can do. We don’t need to talk any more about winning trophies.’It is the ambition of the board, it is the ambition of the manager and the coaching staff and it is the ambition of the players. So we don’t really need to add any more words about this.

‘Just focus on our performances and our games and try to be as consistent as we can and finish as high as we can.’ ‘It is going to be a big, big game,’ he said. ‘It may only be the second week of the season, but every big game can be decisive so it is important to be ready. Of course, we are playing away so it is important to get something there if we can.

‘It is going to be interesting and we know in that type of game the gap can be so close. Certainly it is not big enough to let your opponent take the advantage like against Villa when we conceded the early goal. That type of detail can have a big impact in a game like City because if you give them an easy start you make things even more complicated.

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