Legendary Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has choosen former Bayern Munich and current Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola as a best coach ahead of Jose Mourinho among coaches he has worked with during his careeer.

The 35 years old who retired at the end of last season with many happy memories and an eviable collection of different medals.

“That’s difficult, of course. But if you ask me who was the best, I say Pep Guardiola. I enjoyed it most with him. Football-wise, he is simply brilliant.

“When Pep came, I was already 30 years old. You’re just trying to stay constant and not get any worse. But under him I got better again. I suddenly played in different positions where I never thought that I would play. He was the best.”

Arjen Robbenspent time with Chelsea and Real Madrid before he moved to Germany in 2009 and stay with the German club for 10 year,He also had 96 caps for Netherland national team.

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