Klopp on Barcelona match: “I completely missed Trent Alexander-Arnold’s moment of pure genius. I saw the ball go out for a corner. I saw Trent walking over to take it. I saw Shaqiri following him. But then I turned my back because we were preparing to make a substitution. I was talking to my assistant, and … you know, I have goose bumps every time I think about it … I just heard the noise.

I turned to the pitch and I saw the ball flying into the goal. I turned back to our bench and looked at Ben Woodburn, and he said, “What just happened?!” And I said, “I have no idea!” Anfield was going — boof — absolutely crazy. I could barely hear my assistant, and he was yelling, “So … do we still make the substitute?” Hahahaha! I will never forget him saying that! That will always be with me.

Can you imagine? Eighteen years as a manager, millions of hours watching this game, and I missed the cheekiest thing that has ever happened on a football pitch. Since that night, I have probably watched the video of Divock’s goal 500,000 times. But in person, I only saw the ball hit the net.

When I got to my little boot room after the match, I didn’t even have a sip of beer. I didn’t need it. I sat there with a bottle of water in silence, just smiling. It was a feeling that I cannot describe in words. When I got back home, my family and friends were all staying over at our house, and everyone was in a big party mood. But I was so emotionally exhausted that I went up to bed by myself. My body and mind were completely empty.

I had the best sleep of my life. The best moment was waking up the next morning and realizing, “It’s still true. It really happened.”

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