Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho react to fans racist abuse over Chelsea’s defender Antonio Rudiger during Spurs 2-0 defeat on Sunday against the Blues.

“I’m in the game, I’m focused on the game, I’m too far from the area where it looked like the incident happened,” he told reporters when asked if he heard anything.

“I don’t have much to say other than it’s something that saddens me. I hate racism in society, I hate racism in football.”I’m disappointed that things like that still can happen, but the referee stopped the game. He spoke to the players, he spoke to the captains, he spoke with the coaches.

“I was losing, I didn’t want the game stopped, but immediately when I knew the reason why it was stopped I obviously understood and accepted it.”The club is also a very proud club in this kind of situation and the club also internally will try to delete it [racism].”

Jose hope Tottenham will figure out who ever took part in such racist abuse to Rudiger and they will be banned or penalized for an unlawful act surrounding the law of the game of football.

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