Arsenal new manager Mikel Arteta says he has convinced Granit Xhaka to stay at the club after personal discussion with the Swiss midfielder to focus on his future and play with the happy team he joined.

“I wanted him to hear from me my opinion on him, and that I was ready to support him and that I was ready to push the club to be supportive of him too, because I thought he could be a really, really good player for us and he could enjoy playing under me in this football club.

“I tried to convince him that way. He thought about it, he had a very positive response afterwards, and I think he changed his mind.”The first message for him was that I wanted to understand how he was feeling, why he was feeling that way,” Arteta said.

The Swiss midfielder explain the incident in October sparked a controversial few months for Xhaka, who wrote a letter to Arsenal fans explaining how he and his family had been targeted on social media, which had seen him reach a “boiling point” on the Emirates pitch.

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