Former Tottenham right back Karen Trippier is talking about his feelings with Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone on how he help him improve as a player under the manager

“It can be difficult [to understand each other]; he does try to say little words in English. On the pitch it’s not a problem, though. I know what he demands of his players. I know what he needs and expects from the team.

“I think everybody knows how good he is, how passionate he is when he is on the touchline and when he’s in training. He’s unbelievable and I’ve got this opportunity to learn from him.

“You always see him with an arm around the young lads. When you see him fired up it gives you a lift and it just shows how passionate he is.

“I call him ‘Mister’ which is the Spanish for ‘boss’. I have to tell people [what I mean] when I call him ‘gaffer’. It’s so different.

“Is Simeone the best manager in the world now? For me, personally, yes. When people actually play for him they realise how good he is.

“Obviously you’ve got some good managers: Klopp, Guardiola… Sean Dyche! You’ve got quality managers out there but he’s certainly up there for sure.

Atletico Madrid are currently in 5th position in the La Liga table as Real Madrid leading with 46 points while Barcelona remain second with 43 points and Sevilla are in third position with 38 points.

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